Web Programming Specialist
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Available for:
Web Development:
HTML1 - HTML5, CSS1 - CSS3, JavaScript1.0 - JavaScript1.8.5, jQuery, SQL, AJAX, XML, RSS, ASP, DotNet, PHP, DAL, SOAP-RPC , EDI/L, Sencha-Touch (framework for mobile devices), Google® Maps, Bing® Maps, Adobe Flash® ActionScript, Adobe Director® Lingo, 3D Visualizations (Modeling and Rendering and Programming), A/V Post Production, CD-ROMs and other technologies.

Adobe Dreamweaver®, Adobe Photoshop®, Microsoft Visual Studio®, Adobe Flash®, Adobe Premiere®, Adobe Director®, 3D Studio Max®, Adobe Freehand®, Adobe After Effects®, Microsoft Access® and many other tools and software packages.

Technology Consultant, Project Integrator, Full Time/Part Time Programmer, HTML Markup, Art Direction, WebMaster, Analyst, Team Member, Keeper Of the Vision, Futurist, Team Philosopher are among the many hands-on roles that I am productive at.

Technology Consulting:
After 22 years in the technology and internet business delivering digital media in all its varied formats, I tend to take the long view. I bring to the table unmatched first hand experience in hardware and software by having been there and being hands-on when it mattered. Planning for a new digital studio, collaborating on a new product or service, displays for expos, product and project presentations, one of a kind prototyping, envisioning the future, I can help you with all these and more. I draw from the successes of many past projects to ensure you achieve the goals that you have set.
M. Chino Yap
Chino, Inc.
10835 New Haven Road
Pine Island
MN 55963, US
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